• Automatically cycle through screens (configurable).
  • Supports multiple simultaneous devices.
  • GNOME3 Shell Extension, System tray, Indicator icon to control your keyboard and Gnome15.
  • Cycle through screens using the mouse wheel over (panel applet only).
  • Extendable through the use of Python plugins, DBUS and SVG themes. See the Clock Plugin Tutorial and other documentation for more information
  • Logitech G keyboard emulator to allow development of plugins without real hardware
  • Depending on the model, you will be able to set the keyboard backlight level or colour, as well as the LCD brightness, background colour and foreground colour.
  • Cycle though the backlight level using left / right mouse wheel (when present, panel applet only).
  • Detects user switching and shuts down service for inactive user, re-activating it when the user is active again.



  • Macro Recorder feedback is provided on LCD, allow recording without opening any windows.
  • Multiple macro profiles may be configured, with Gnome15 automatically switching between them when the currently focused window changes.
  • Plugin to display current macro summary. Each macro may be assigned a name, which is displayed on the LCD along with the key it is mapped to.
  • Assign macros to all G-keys in any of the three memory banks (M1 – M3). Assign keyboard backlight colors to each bank (G19 only).
  • Icons may be assigned to profiles.
  • Assign keyboard backlight colors to macro profiles and memory banks.
  • Run commands, send simple macros, create macro scripts or send low level keyboard mouse and joystick events.
  • Choose which plugins are enabled for a profile.
  • Profiles can be exported and shared.
  • GUI Macro Script Editor.


  • Stopwatch. Provides dual timers, each of which may be set to stopwatch mode or countdown mode.
  • G15Daemon. Available only on the G19, this is a network server compatible with the g15daemon protocol. This allows you to use g15daemon compatible scripts and applications on a G19 such as g15stats, g15composer, mumble, etc.
  • Processes. Lists all running processes and allows you to kill them. You may switch between running applications, user processes or all processes.
  • LCDBiff. POP3/IMAP email checker. An alternative to the Indicator Messages plugin if your system does not use indicators. Supports multiple accounts, SSL, displays summary of total unread emails in each account.
  • Menu. Displays list of available screens and allows selection. Activated by the MENU key on the G19, or L2 on the G15.
  • Impulse15. Port of the Impulse screenlet and desktop widget. Adds a spectrum analyser.
  • Panel. Reserves an area at the bottom of the LCD for other plugins to add miniature components that are always available.
  • Clock. Simple demonstration plugin.
  • Cairo Clock. For the G19 only, a port of MacSlow’s Cairo Clock. It renders any Cairo Clock theme on the LCD.
  • Notify LCD. A notify-osd replacement for notifications. NOTE, this plugin currently tries to kill the ‘notify-osd’ process and take over notifications before notify-osd can restart. This doesn’t always work. I will look for a better solution, but in the mean time, try killing your notification daemon manually before starting this plugin.
  • Calendar. Integrates with Evolution to show a highlighted month calendar, and todays events. You can scroll though the calendar using the extended keys.
  • RSS reader. Supports multiple feeds and formats.
  • Screensaver. Detects when screensaver becomes active and dims the keyboard and displays a message. Warn off your foes!
  • Indicator Me. Shows your current IM status (Ubuntu only).
  • Indicator Messages. Shows all current waiting messages (email, broadcast, chat, Ubuntu Only)
  • Mounts. Shows available mounts, allows mount / unmount / eject
  • IM. Shows IM contact list (currently works with Telepathy based clients such as Empathy)
  • Volume monitor. Displays volume gauge when it changes. Currently uses Python ALSA bindings.
  • Weather. Displays current outlook, temperature, and 2 day forecast. Uses NOAA or Yahoo weather API.
  • System Monitor. Displays current CPU, Network and Memory summary.
  • TweakGnome15. Allows changing some hidden settings.
  • Now Playing. Displays current track information, progress and cover art. Supports any player that supports the MPRIS protocol (v1 or v2). This includes Rhythmbox, Banshee, Audacious, XMMS2 and more.
  • Media Player. GStreamer based audion and video player. Supports visualisations, webcams, audio monitor and more.
  • Special effect. Adds effects for cycling through screens, a slide effect and a fade effect. Due to the nature of the G15 monochrome LCD, the fade effect is more of a ‘disolve’, but it’s quite cool anyway 🙂
  • Wallpaper. Display any background image on the LCD.
  • Display Resolution. Uses xrandr to change monitor resolution.
  • LCDShot. Take screenshots or videos of Gnome15.
  • Debug. Monitor Gnome15 internals.
  • Google Analytics. Monitor you website stats.
  • Profiles. View, select and lock the current macro profile.
  • Tails. Monitor log files

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