We have Ads – But only for …

Yes, we have advertising, but only for the financing of the server.
Our users do not pay enough to deserve it or to live at all.
We provide for you a very large server.

If the income is higher than expenditure over the long term, we will disable the advertising course.

To give you an idea about what we’re for the start of the page is available, a server comes with about 120 € per month.
We host many things themselves, even the domain we get at purchase prices which significantly saves us money.
We hope for your understanding for advertising.
Annoying Popups & Co., there is only on the support page, otherwise the page is the extent free of blockers.

Gnome15 is reborn

Hello Fans, Visiter and Coder,

after the Long Time from Tankarta and Russo is here the new Place again.
We hope that we get restored the complete page in no time.
Of course, in an updated form.

Nevertheless, we always look forward to support, in whatever form.
These include reporting errors, self-written bug fixes and features. However, the server support in the form of Bitcoin, or the viral marketing on the popular social media platforms.