PyLibG19 is the basis for G19 support in Gnome15. It is mostly based on MultiCoreNop’s’ Logitech-G19-Linux-Daemon which is available from here, but with a few additions and bug-fixes.

It is used in two ways. Firstly, the new g19direct driver uses it to do away with the need for g19d. It does however mean you have to make the keyboard’s USB device files writable. Secondly, it is used by g19d which runs as root and so doesn’t need special permissions.


You will need all of these to compile or run G19D. If you use a package for your distribution, these will be downloaded for you. If you wish to compile from source, you will have to obtain and install them yourself.

  • Python – Programming language. PyLibG19 was developed with Python 2.6
  • Python Image Library – Used for the splash screen.
  • PyUSB – Python USB bindings.


Download the latest pylibg19 package from the Source Downloads page and follow the usual source package installation procedure.

./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

This procedure will not install any init scripts, so if you want to run g19d at boot, you will have to edit the appropriate scripts for your distribution.


Packages are available for all officially supported distributions. See the Downloads page and download and install the python-g19 package.

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