Hardware Support

Model Matrix

Find the drivers that matches your model and look them up in the driver list below.

Model g930 g15direct g19direct kernel gtk
G11 Should be supported, feedback required
G35 Should be supported, feedback required



All drivers are included in the source distribution, although may be in separate native packages.

Driver Requires Description
gnome15-g15direct libg15 Makes use of a patched version the popular libg15 to provide support for all G15 and compatible keyboards. Only the G19, G930 and G35 are not supported.

Newer models will require patching of libg15 although there are pre-patched packages available for most distributions.

This driver can only support one device at a time.

gnome15-g19direct pylibg19 Uses the pylibg19 library directly and so requires the USB devices are writable by the user running g15-desktop-service.
gnome15-kernel ali1234’s Kernel Patch Uses support provided by kernel modules. See the Kernel Patch page for more information. This driver supports multiple concurrent devices.
gnome15-gtk GTK Special driver that emulates all supported models as a window on the desktop. Allows development of plugins and themes for hardware you do not have.
gnome15-g930 G930/G35 headset driver Simple driver that allows all the keys on the G930/G35 headsets to be assigned to macros. Note, requires basic support from kernel.

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