• Bug: G13 Joystick was sending spurious key presses (which could get interpreted as macros)[/li]
  • Bug: g15-indicator and g15-systemtray both were importing Python GNOME when there was no need
  • Bug: Fixed a number of icons that should show as missing in a default KDE (Kubuntu) installation
  • Bug: Wallpaper now works on earlier GNOME3 distributions
  • Bug: G15Daemon Compatibility Plugin correctly acquires/releases backlight levels when shown/hidden
  • Feature: Many plugins now get option to use 12 hour or 24 hour format for times
  • Feature: G15Daemon Compatibility Plugin may have custom foreground colour
  • Feature: Tweak plugin allows configuration of default time, date and datetime formats
  • Feature: Allow g15-desktop-service to be restarted by sending it SIGUSR1


  • Bug: Email authentication dialog would sometimes pop up when logging out or shutting down.
  • Bug: VoIP plugin didn’t deal with TS3 disconnecting or quitting. The VoIP screen would stay active and appear connected. The screen now correctly disappears when there are no active connections.
  • Bug: Weather (Yahoo). This would fail in most countries due to a timezone parsing problem.
  • Bug: Notify. This would fail to start on old distributions that do not use the newly introduced “eavesdrop” parameter.


  • Feature: Experimental G930/G35 (support 3 or 6 macro keys).
  • Feature: “Display” plugin for setting resolution.
  • Feature: Allow smooth menu scrolling to be turned off (Tweak plugin)
  • Feature: GNOME Shell Exension.
  • Feature: Per-macro plugins. You can now configure what profiles what you want enabled for an active profile. When profiles switch, the activated plugins change.
  • Feature: G13 Joystick – “Offset” can now be tuned. There are separate offsets for digital and analogue mode.
  • Feature: Gnome Keyring replaced with python-keyring which should work properly on KDE. It has also been moved into the core, allowing plugins other than lcdbiff to take advantage of password storage.
  • Feature: When BAMF is being used for profile activation, the actual window title is now also checked in addition to the application name that spawned the window.
  • Feature: Macro scripts can now emit uinput codes (use UPress and URelease where is something like KEY_1, and target is mouse, joystick, digital-joystick or keyboard.
  • Feature: Removed g15daemon driver completely. This frees up L1 which is the new menu key.
  • Feature: Video Player and Web Cam player replaced by new Media Player plugin.
  • Feature: Media Player is now called Now Playing.
  • Feature: Impulse15 audio sources now display the source name instead of number.
  • Feature: LCDShot can now record video (encoding phase required mencoder).
  • Feature: Improved default G19 theme. Smaller scrollbars, better use of space.
  • Feature: New Google Calendar.
  • Feature: New VoIP plugin that initially supports Teamspeak3.
  • Feature: Python UInput upgraded to 0.8.
  • Feature: New Weather plugin (uses Yahoo and NOAA instead of Google). New data
  • Feature: Debug plugin (for debugging Gnome15). The Debug DBUS service has been moved here too.
  • Bug: G15 on FC17 display corrupted.
  • Bug: G510. Number of libg15 (i.e g15direct driver) improvements. G-keys should no longer send F-keys, M-Key lights should work. Multimedia keys should work correctly.
  • Bug: Sense. Lag when switching between sensors.
  • Bug: Impulse doesn't always start up.
  • Bug: When switch driver packages, the new driver would not select upon starting g15-config or g15-desktop-service.
  • Bug: Screensaver on Mint (Mate) doesn't work.
  • Bug: Profile locking was partially implemented.
  • Bug: Parent profiles would not work correctly if the macros were targeted to different input systems (i.e. uinput or X).
  • Bug: G13 D-Pad broken again. Mapping WASD to joystick was impossible.
  • Bug: G13 Joystick - Digital mode less sensitive by default.
  • Bug: Screensaver plugin. Correctly handle missing DBUS Interface.
  • Bug: IMAP mail checker would fail when cram md5 authentication was required.
  • Bug: RSS would fail on some feeds (feedparser API change)
  • Bug: Notify would not work in passive mode (DBUS API change)


  • Bug: Webcam disabled for now (in Ubuntu 12.04). The OpenCV API that this plugin uses has changed. I intend to replace this with a gstreamer based version.
  • Bug: Screensaver plugin. Correctly handle missing DBUS Interface
  • Bug: RSS feed. Some feeds crash (due to problems handling dates of feeds)
  • Bug: Sensors. Now ignores sensors that are not supported instead of crashing.
  • Bug: Sensors showed all sensors types with "C" (for centrigrade) in menu, regardless of type.
  • Bug: MPRIS might crash on playback startup.
  • Bug: Tails does not open selected file on OK
  • Bug: NotifyLCD crashes on Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Bug: NotifyLCD crashes on Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Bug: g15-config. Initial enabled state of "Activate this profile" is not correct until checkbox is clicked.
  • Bug: g15-config crashes on Ubuntu 12.04 (when bamf is installed).
  • Bug: DBUS AcquireControl method was broken.


  • Bug: g19direct compatibility with pyusb 1.0 (i.e. openSUSE 12.1 default)
  • Bug: hid-gfb removed on lg4l service shutdown
  • Bug: Macro recording was broken.
  • Bug: Parent profiles were broken.
  • Bug: hide script editor and activate on launch (for 0.9.0)
  • Bug: Unwanted log output "keystate of xxx .."
  • Bug: Unwanted log output "removed func"
  • Bug: Packaging problem for Ubuntu plugins
  • Bug: Tails plugin continues to monitor files after deactivation
  • Bug: Improved text alignment of time/date in cairo clock for g15 like models
  • Bug: Cairo clock - year switch has no effect (other locales)
  • Bug: Calendar plugins crashes all of Gnome15 regularly
  • Feature: Added setting to Tweak to allow disabling desktop session monitoring
  • Feature: Added gain option to Impulse15.



  • Bug: Only M1 macros work.
  • Feature: Allow macro profiles to be copied.
  • Feature: Improved layout of profile list. Now has context actions.
  • Feature: Checkbox to run macro commands in background.
  • Bug: New installation wouldn't allow profiles to be created.
  • Bug: Badly named .macros files created.
  • Bug: RSS icons do not work.
  • Bug: Notify should default to passive mode.
  • Bug: G15Daemon server plugin didn't work with G15 like model.


  • Various package problems


  • Feature: Gnome15 is now ready to be translated. Details on how to help will be published on the website.
  • Feature: Tidier macro editor dialog.
  • Feature: Fully configurable auto-repeat for all macro types. This includes a toggle mode and customisable repeat rate.
  • Feature: Macro profiles can have background images attached to them. The "Wallpaper" plugin will use these images when that profile is active.
  • Feature: Macro profiles can be imported and exported. Exported macro profiles are zip files that contain the profile itself and any images it needs (for background or icon).
  • Feature: Sensors plugin now available. Show temperature, fan speed or voltage for all detected sensors.
  • Feature: Tails plugin can be used to monitor files.
  • Bug: Uinput macros could get stuck repeating under some circumstances.
  • Bug: XML background themes didn't work. Now at least the first image in the XML file is displayed.
  • Feature: Multimedia keys may now be mapped to macros (depending on driver).
  • Feature: New "lg4l-kmod" package for openSUSE kernel driver.
  • Feature: Sysmon plugin has new "Graph" theme. This is the first plugin to have an alternate theme.
  • Feature: New supported distributions including Fedora 16 and openSUSE 12.1. Mandriva 2011 will follow shortly.


  • Bug: Allow further macros to be activated while another is being held.
  • Bug: Further attempts at working G15v2 driver.
  • Bug: G13 g15direct driver. G21,G22 and joystick keys could not be pressed at the same time as other keys.
  • Bug: DEBUG logging not working properly.
  • Bug: Profiles with missing icon would cause exception in g15-config
  • Bug: Several fixes for G510 audio mode.
  • Bug: Backlight fade on shutdown starts at wrong colour
  • Bug: g15-config, creating new profile did not accept default action


  • Bug: Hide exceptions in g15driver async loop
  • Bug: Experimental multimedia key support for G510 / g15-direct driver
  • Bug: g15-desktop-service process would not shut down completely on request.
  • Bug: Corrected input device pattern in kernel driver for G15v2
  • Bug: Virtual uinput devices lose permissions,
  • Bug: Fixed problem with kernel driver on G13 where analogue / digital joystick is enabled, all G/L/M keys would fail.


  • Feature: Experimental G15v2 support in kernel driver.
  • Bug: Correctly distinguish G13/G15 when auto-detecting framebuffer with kernel driver.
  • Bug: G13 Joystick fixes. Also added new "digital joystick".
  • Bug: Fixes occasional kernel oops in the uinput subsystem. Instead of dynamically opening and closing the virtual mouse,joystick and devices (i.e. those used by the "Mapped to .." macros), single devices are now opened once on startup. A side effect of this is the devices are created with a fixed list of possible buttons or keys. For example, the virtual joystick now only initially supports 3 buttons (BTN_X, BTN_Y and BTN_Z). You can edit the list of supported keys for each device by changing the files mouse.keys, joystick.keys,keyboard.keys and digital-joystick.keys in /usr/share/gnome15/ukeys.
  • Bug: Can now remove profile that is active in g15-config.


  • Bug: G110 macro keys should work with kernel driver now.
  • Bug: Fixed problem on disconnecting the kernel driver on G110
  • Bug: Fixed profile change notifications (caused a number of areas to require a restart of the service before changes were applied)
  • Bug: Fixed missing LCD brightness control on G19 with kernel driver
  • Bug: Control components in g15-config were not being set to the correct value on load
  • Bug: G110 backlight colour with kernel driver should be reliable now
  • Bug: Color picker for G110 now only shows red / blue (i.e what the model is capable of)
  • Bug: G13 with g15direct, joystick buttons should no longer release when joystick moved


  • Bug: Some icons were showing "missing image" icon incorrectly.
  • Bug: "Mapped to key" macros would get stuck when more than one activated at a time.
  • Bug: Weather. Fallback to day icon when night icon is not available.
  • Bug: Default control values do not get activated on fresh install.
  • Bug: GNOME session handling still not correct. Shutdown now starts as soon as logout is confirmed, and will cancel if logout is canceled.
  • Bug: Changed startup phase of g15-desktop-service to see WindowManager if the notification applet error goes away
  • Bug: Macros now work properly with shifted KEYS. The python-virtkey library was used to fix this, and will soon become the default method. This of course introduces a new dependency.
  • Bug: In g15-config, macros with commands would not displayed the saved command on next edit.
  • Bug: In g15-config, macros with mapped keys would sometimes not select the saved key on next edit.


  • Bug: Corrected USB ID in udev rules for G110 and the kernel driver.
  • Bug: Fixed problem on Maverick where all Gnome15 components just crash on start up.


  • New: Non default profiles may now choose a parent profile. If the profile doesn't contain a key, the parent will then be checked, and so on.
  • Bug: Some GTK 2.20+ components crept into the glade files, breaking g15-config on Ubuntu 10.04.
  • Bug: Various fixed for the G110 kernel driver
  • Bug: Processes plugin was using lots of CPU
  • Bug: IM plugin would thrown exceptions (harmless) under certain circumstances.
  • Bug: Display "Missing Image" icon when required icon cannot be found.


  • Bug: g15-config would re-enable devices as soon as disabled (multi device setup)
  • Bug: Changing keyboard backlight colour was not visible when a profile with a backlight colour is set. Now, the colour is shown for 3 seconds, before reverting to the profile colour.
  • Bug: M2, M3 colours were not working
  • Bug: Macro change saves are now deferred by 2 seconds. If another change occurs withing this time, the timer is reset.
  • Bug: Last screen visible is now correctly set on startup.
  • Bug: Added G510 to g15direct udev rules to fix permissions problem
  • Bug: Configuration upgrade would fail on Python < 2.7
  • Feature: Joystick now works on G13 with G15direct and kernel drivers. May emulate mouse, joystick, or send macros.
  • Feature: Macro keys may now emit uinput events. For example, map a G-Key to KEY_EMAIL to launch your desktop's email client.
  • Bug: Fixed G keys on G13 and G15 when using kernel driver
  • Bug: Controls now displayed correctly when changing driver in g15-config
  • Bug: Sorting of macros now correct in g15-config


  • Bug: LCD fade works better
  • Feature: "Global Plugins" concept introduced. Tweak plugin is now of this type.
  • Feature: New "g15direct" direct. This does away with g15daemon and uses libg15 directly. Also now works correctly (more or less) with the G13. This is now the recommended driver for all devices other than the G19 until the kernel driver bugs are ironed out.
  • Bug: MPRIS < 2.1 clients were broken (inc. Banshee)
  • Bug: Banshee seek time usually incorrect.
  • Bug: Notify plugin in passive mode breaks other DBUS clients (causing hangs)


  • Feature: IM Plugin - Shows current instant messenger contacts (telepathy based clients only)
  • Feature: LDCShot Plugin - Take screenshot of LCD (location configurable), press and hold MR to take a shot.
  • Feature: Mounts Plugin - Display current drive mounts (allows eject etc)
  • Feature: Tweak - Allows access to some hidden settings (scroll speed etc)
  • Feature: Packaged and tested on more distributions. Fedora 15 and Debian 6 have been added. All packages are now built at the Open Builder Service.
  • Feature: The LG4L kernel drivers have been packaged for DKMS, and is now the recommended driver for all the models it supports (G110, G13, G15 and G110).
  • Feature: Mouse wheel now works on system tray (not indicator version). Up and down flip between screens. If you have it, left and right will either cycle backlight colours / levels, or when switch between the 'active' screen, i.e. the one that gets scrolled with the up and down events.
  • Feature: Support added for G11 (limited set of plugins).
  • Feature: g19daemon package has been removed (and the Gnome15 package gnome15-g19d). Please use gnome15-g19direct driver instead. If you need G19D, you will have to compile from source.
  • Feature: Plugins now in separate module
  • Feature: Now handles multiple simultaneous devices.
  • Feature: DBUS API layout change. See site documentation for details.
  • Feature: Project layout changed, gnome15 and gnome15-plugins are now the two main projects. Various components are now disabled or enabled using ./configure options.
  • Feature: Start of support for the old MX5500 (I am expecting to obtain one soon to finish the driver work)
  • Feature: Scrolling Text. Everywhere where text might overflow, it will now scroll within it's bounds.
  • Feature: Improvements to plugins that make change keyboard backlight colour. Any operations that change the colour of any keyboard lights will only do so temporarily. When that operation is finished, the lights will return to their previous state. For example, increase your Volume, and the M-Key lights will temporarily acts as a level meter, then return to whatever state they were at when the volume stops changing.
  • Feature: Improvements to keyboard handling. Plugins now use 'actions' rather than hard coded key codes. Coupled with the ability to hold keys down for a different action, this will allow the MX5500 to be operable using only the two LCD navigation keys it has. Some key mappings for the G15 related models have also altered as a result of this (for example, Page Up and Page Down is now possible by holding L3 or L4). NOTE, this has meant the default key mappings have changed, especially on the G15 like models. Don't worry though if you don't like the new mappings, they will be user-configurable in version 0.8.x.
  • Feature: G19 fades the LCD and keyboard backlight when Gnome15 shutsdown
  • Feature: Logout, Shutdown and Restart are all now detected and shutdown Gnome15 cleanly (with fading)
  • Feature: Many API changes and improvements. Comments have been added to lots of the core source (with more to follow).
  • Feature: The SETUID lgsetled is no longer required. It has been replaced by g15-system-service which is part of the core application. This
    is a system bus service that has the sole job of writing setting backlights and other LED values for the kernel driver.
  • Bug: Memory leak fixes. The main memory leak that Gnome15 suffered is now fixed. It turned out to be caused by pango layouts, and so any plugin that used this was contributing to the problem. This is include Cairo Clock, Clock, Weather and anything that had wrapped vertical text (e.g. screensaver message). The cause was finally discovered due to the new scrolling feature made use of layouts and chewed up memory even faster!
  • Bug: Screens in the indicator applet / system tray applet are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Bug: Packages no longer pull in compiz as well (cause by cairo-clock being Recommends rather than Suggests)
  • Feature: Cairo Clock - Now supports G15 and other monochrome models. However, you can't use any old Cairo Clock theme, special bitmap themes must be crafted. A single simple theme is indcluded.
  • Feature: Cairo Clock - "Sweeping seconds" option for smooth second hand animation (uses more CPU, so is disabled by default)
  • Feature: Cairo Clock - Now ships with default themes for the G19, in case cairo clock is not installed.
  • Feature: Cairo Clock - Can now show digital time on the face as well
  • Feature: Calendar - Events are now shown in a scrollable area. You may switch between this area using the "View" action (Cog key on G19, L2 on the monochrome models). Events may be selected, but nothing happens yet.
  • Bug: Calendar - Events that last longer than a day, all days will be highlighted.
  • Feature: Menu - Now activated by holding L2 on the G15 (instead of just pressing it).
  • Feature: Menu - Is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Feature: Impulse - New "Disco mode" that flashes the keyboard in time with audio.
  • Feature: Impulse - Now has support for keyboards without screens, can use M-Key lights as a simple level meter.
  • Feature: Impulse - Frame rate option added to decrease CPU usage.
  • Feature: Impulse - Automatically decreases frame rate if when there is no audio.
  • Feature: Indicator Me - Allows changing of your current status
  • Feature: Indicator Messages - Will blink the M-Key lights when there is a message waiting. This allows the plugin to be useful on plugins without screens.
  • Feature: Indicator Messages -Automatic popup on menu change may now be disabled.
  • Feature: Macro Recorder - Blinks the MR light (and the current bank key) while recording is in progress. This allows the plugin to be useful on plugins without screens.
  • Feature: Macro Information - Rewritten to use the standard Gnome15 menu.
  • Feature: Macro Information - Automatic popup on change can be disabled
  • Bug: MPRIS - Fixed problem where track progress would exceed 100% and keep growing.
  • Bug: MRPIS - Fixed problem where MPRIS would cause Gnome15 and the Media Player to hang for 10 seconds when the track changes and the NotifyLCD plugins is enabled.
  • Bug: MPRIS - Some artwork locations could cause severe lag and CPU spikes. This should be improved, although there are still some issues when you use massive images.
  • Bug MPRIS - Panel artwork fixed
  • Feature: Notify - Can now operate in "Passive mode". This works by rather than replacing the notification daemon, it simply watches for notify events being send to the standard notification service. This allows the Notify plugin to work on desktops where it is near impossible to kill the standard notification service, or when you messages to appear on your desktop AND the keyboard LCD.
  • Feature: Notify - Can now blink M-Key lights when notifications are received
  • Feature: Screensaver - Keyboard backlight now gently fades when screensaver activated (when dimming is turned on).
  • Feature: Screensaver - Added support for screenless models that have a backlight (G110, G11)
  • Feature: Video Player - Now actions instead of G-Keys
  • Feature: Stopwatch - Now has option to keep the stopwatch visible while it is running (as a high priority screen).
  • Feature: Stopwatch - Keys used on some models has changed
  • Feature: Configuration - Driver configuration has been moved to a tab in the main configuration user interface (no additional dialog)
  • Feature: Configuration - If mulitple devices are available, they will be displayed down the left hand sand of the user inteface. Selecting each
    device will allow configuration of its plugins, macros and other settings.
  • Feature: Configuration - "About" details moved out of main plugin information area into a separate dialog.
  • Feature: Configuration - Each plugin now shows the keys it uses (appropriate for the model)
  • Feature: Indicator - g15-desktop-service may be stopped from withing g15-indicator
  • Feature: Configuration - New color picker replaces buttons on controls tab.


  • Bug: Menu plugin crashes when bad thumbnails are displayed.


  • Bug: Allow screensaver to work on KDE (moved from gnome-plugins) package.
  • Bug: #733706 - Fixes font size on Redhat.
  • Bug: #734488 - macros plugin: profile icon not displayed on keyboard.
  • Bug: #737221 - Exception using kernel-module.
  • Bug: g19direct driver handles USB errors and reconnects when they occur. This is a work around to crashes when the system is heavily loaded.
  • Feature: First Natty Release
  • Feature: Processes plugin can now switch between All Processes, User processes and 'Applications'.
  • Feature: First release of Stop Watch plugin. Many thanks to Nuno Araujo.
  • Bug: #706421 - "sysmon plugin: should use libgtop python bindings".
  • Bug: Screen now blanked on shutdown.
  • Bug: Fixes for building / running on openSuSE


  • Bug: Fixes font size on Redhat
  • Bug: Various autotools fixes for building on Redhat
  • Bug: g15-config sometimes gets the status wrong when switching between drivers.
  • Bug: g19direct driver now has preferences for reset, timeout and reset wait.
  • Bug: processes plugin. Killing processes broken for G15.
  • Bug: mpris plugin hangs if cover art doesn't exist


  • New Web Site.
  • New "System Tray" alternative to Indicator and panel applet. Expanded DBUS API.
  • GNOME specific plugins moved to separate package.
  • Only allow one instance to run at a time (for user switching).
  • Macros can now run system commands.
  • Macros can be edited and created in the UI.
  • New g19direct driver.
  • Macros contain AltGr now work.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • G15 Panel support finally.
  • Fixed crash in LCDBiff when accessing keyring.
  • Many theme fixes and adjustments for G15.
  • System monitor can cycle through individual CPU / network interface or show totals.


  • Possible fix for G19 problem with multimedia keys locking system.
  • Kernel driver support added.
  • New LCDBiff plugins.
  • Expanded Notifications options.
  • Allow animation speed to be set for special effects plugin.
  • Improvements to switch the driver at runtime.


  • Fixed problem where gnome15 fails to start on older GTK versions.
  • Notify plugin now completely implemented specification.
  • Indicator may be hidden when there are no errors.


  • Added Indicator Messages plugin.
  • Ability to use GTK components in plugins.
  • Improved scrolling component (used by indicator messages, menu and rss).
  • Impulse15 Performance improvements.


  • Stability fixes.
  • Assign keyboard backlight colours to macro profile memory banks.


  • The 3 drivers are now available as separate packages.
  • Many other package installation fixes.
  • Impulse15 can now paint on the background or foreground of other screens (instead of just it's own screen').

0.6.0 - 0.8.0

  • Various packaging fixes.


  • New plugins Menu, Panel and Impulse.
  • Now uses the Indicator system on where available (continue to use applet where not available).
  • BAMF is now used for activating macro profiles based on active window. This is more accurate and faster.


  • Fixed some problems with packages.
  • Allow G19 to work on Cairo versions less that 1.8.3.
  • Cairo clock hour hand drawn at correct place (and more themes supported).
  • RSS shows entry date instead of todays date.


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